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Awala-Ale Mofe
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24th September 2017 by Awala-Ale Mofe with 0 comments

Top 5 Perfumes for Men and Women in Nigeria

The last item on our ‘top 5 perfumes’ series is our list of top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria.

The fragrance market is rapidly growing in Nigeria because perfume is not a luxury anymore. Fragrance for men and women are now a necessity. It is a part of your attire. Perfume is now an accessory that determines if you warrant a second glance when you walk past someone.

Fragrances are grouped as scents for either for men or women. Unisex fragrances also exist, but the undeniable fact is that anyone can wear any perfume. Some men prefer the notes of fragrances created for women while some women prefer to wear men colognes and perfumes.

If you are someone that enjoys using fragrances that can be readily utilised by either male or female, this article is for you. We have compiled a list of 5 perfumes that are perfect for either man or woman. These perfumes are long-lasting, have good projection and have beautiful notes. Following are our picks for top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria

Calvin Klein CK One for Him and Her

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CK One created in 1994, is a 90’s classic. This perfume is clean, fresh and easy to wear; this is one of the reasons it is one of the top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria.

CK One opens with citrus, papaya and pineapple top notes. After a while, the scent of this perfume changes to floral middle notes. Finally, CK One proceeds to settle down into green, sandalwood and cedar notes which give this fragrance its woody base notes.

Overall, CK One is moderately long-lasting and has decent sillage. This fragrance will be a great perfume for the Nigerian man or woman with love for minimalist scents.


  • Great perfume for both men and women
  • CK One is a clean, fresh, inoffensive fragrance
  • This perfume is affordable when compared to the quality of the fragrance in the bottle.


  • This fragrance is not incredibly long-lasting


Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel for Men

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Grey Flannel is second on the top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria. Grey flannel was launched in 1975 and has since has been a favourite fragrance among lovers of woody notes.

This perfume is a classic fragrance with top notes of Galbanum, Neroli, Petitgrain, Bergamot and  Lemon. The middle notes of grey flannel are mainly floral notes that dry down to Tonka bean, cedar and Vetiver notes.

This perfume is elegant, classy and a great fragrance for both men and women. There is a notable progression in the notes of Grey Flannel; it goes from a fresh and subtly feminine accord to a masculine dry down which is more woody than harsh.

This perfume is very long-lasting and has amazing projection.; this makes Grey Flannel a perfect scent choice for the Nigerian man or woman who enjoys the notes in this perfume.


  • Grey Flannel is very long-lasting
  • It has excellent sillage


  • Grey Flannel is very harsh immediately after spraying it


Guerlain Shalimar EDT

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Shalimar is an oldie but goodie. Shalimar is a vintage scent that has stood the test of time. Guerlain’s Shalimar launched in 1925. It is very popular among male and female perfume lovers hence it is number 3 on our top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria.

Shalimar, while marketed as a perfume for women is not completely feminine. It is a sophisticated combination of notes. Citrus, bergamot, jasmine, may rose, Tonka bean, vanilla, iris, Peru balsam and grey amber notes are responsible for the oriental scent that is Shalimar.

This perfume is moderately long-lasting and has massive sillage. Shalimar is for the Nigerian man or woman who wants a timeless but complex perfume. The combination of so many notes in this fragrance makes it a great unisex fragrance.


  • This fragrance is complex and smells gorgeous
  • Shalimar is long lasting and has great sillage


  • The many notes in this fragrance make it an acquired taste.


Guerlain Vetiver Cologne

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Vetiver by Guerlain is the fourth fragrance in our list of top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria. Guerlain relaunched Vetiver for men in 2000, this fresh and bright scent is one that while created for men has been used by women.

Vetiver has top notes of citrus, bergamot, orange, coriander and neroli which give this fragrance a citrus and aromatic accord after spraying it. The middle notes are vetiver and cedar. The base notes of this perfume feature tobacco, walnut and tonka beans. The base notes are more masculine than the top notes, and this makes this a great fragrance for men. However, the top notes are very fresh and clean which make this a perfect fragrance for women that prefer these sort of perfumes.

Vetiver has great longevity and has soft sillage. This perfume would be a great buy for the man or woman who likes vetiver scents.


  • Vetiver has great longevity
  • Either man or woman can use this fragrance


  • The vetiver note in this fragrance is strong
  • Vetiver is not a cheap perfume


Yves Saint Laurent Opium EDP

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Opium is the last of our top 5 perfumes for men and women in Nigeria. Yves Saint Laurent relaunched opium in 2009. The fragrance has remained in demand even after its relaunch and reformulation.

The notes in Opium include myrrh, carnations, opoponax, amber, patchouli, vanilla, jasmine, citrus and lily of the valley. These notes come together to create the spicy oriental fragrance that is Opium.

Opium is sexy on both men and women. It is a beautiful exotic gender-bender perfume that is not overly sweet.

This perfume is excellently long-lasting as it can last for up to 10 hours. Opium’s sillage is very heavy too, and so it does not need to be over sprayed. This perfume will be loved by men or women who love sensual, grown up, opulent and  uncommon scents


  • Opium is very long-lasting
  • The sillage of Opium is brilliant
  • This perfume is unique



  • This perfume is not for casual use
  • Opium is expensive


Bottom Line

Perfume has no gender. It is standard practice to make perfumes targeted to a particular gender, but that should not restrict your fragrance choice. Feel free to wear the scent that smells amazing on you even if it is not for your gender. Our Top 5 Perfumes for men and women in Nigeria are fabulous fragrances that will impress their wearers, man or woman.

If you know a fragrance that smells great on both men and women, please leave it in the comment section.

Have a great day.






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